Farming above 10,000ft

High up in the Andes you will find our farmers and their alpaca. Individuals and families who for years and frequently generations have devoted themselves to their alpaca herds. Farming above 10,000 feet is unlike anything else in the world. The climate can be unforgiving and challenging. 

It takes a special farmer to raise the alpaca we use in our garments. Farmers work for years to naturally breed their alpaca to achieve the highest possible quality fiber. It all starts with a happy and most importantly healthy animal. We support traditional Peruvian farmers who place no constraint on their herds. The animals roam free across the Andes, and are looked after with the utmost care. Living and working in such a remote part of the world does present challenges. For example, ensuring farmers have access to proper veterinary care and medication for the animals is essential.

As a whole the Alpaca farming industry is currently in a state of movement. Demand for the alpaca is soaring, unfortunately causing many farmers to overlook quality and focus on quantity. This has led to an oversupply of poor quality fiber. By supporting Diverall, you can be certain you are receiving only the best alpaca fiber in the world. While we only supply from the best farmers, providing all farmers with proper education and training in order to improve their herds is part of our pledge to sustainability and supporting hard working communities.