Our Pearl Buttons: A Story

When we decided some of our knitwear should have buttons, we wanted the very best. We scoured both the internet and in-person suppliers to find a partner that would match us in knowledge, expertise and sheer passion for their product.

It took us months, but we found them. There is a perceptible difference between plastic and pearl buttons; we knew when setting out to make our handmade knitwear we would not settle for second-rate products. Primarily, pearl buttons are cooler in temperature than their plastic counterparts, they is an actual perceptible difference in feel and weight. Additionally, they also make a different sound if you flick them or tap them, they make a sharper sound than that of plastic, which tends to be dull.

Mother of Pearl buttons are cut from the shell of particular freshwater, and saltwater, mollusks. We did not want to have artificially dyed buttons, so for us it was important the producer carve their buttons from natural colored shell to achieve the color we want. 

On our lighter cardigans, we have utilized a traditional white-cast pearl, we envision this matching perfectly with your mother of pearl buttons on a sport coat or a shirt. The brilliance of these buttons can be very striking. 

On some of our darker and heavier knits, we used smoked mother of pearl buttons. The depth of color achieved by the polishing method is incredible. They have a rainbow of colors available due to the world class cutting and polishing method our producer employs.

When we said we make the world finest knitwear, we mean it. The attention to detail does not stop simply with the fiber selection and knitting process; it extends to our gorgeous mother of pearl buttons, and we could not be happier to bring them to you.