Our Production Process

Our production process is complex and involves a number of actors to complete. We currently source our alpaca fiber from sustainable sources and in particular, alpaca farms that place no constraint on the movement of their herds. We find this results in a superior product, a happy animal, a better fiber.


From there we send the fiber to our knitting collective, this collective is comprised of women who, for whatever reason, may not be employable in other sectors. They have, over the years, been trained to become expert knitters who have world-class experience with alpaca fiber and crafting our garments. 


They are hand crafted through a complex and rigorous process that has multiple stages. Our garments are designed to be slim and flattering, but not skinny. In essence, we want our garments to not only last a lifetime but look good while doing it.


Once they have passed the production process, they are inspected by our head knitter for a number of different factors including colouring, knitting, finishing and presentation. From there they are inspected again and then sent to be packaged and sent to the USA.


When you order it goes from our main distribution centre, located in the USA, to you, the customer. As always if you do not absolutely love your garment, we are happy to accept it for return. Please see our return conditions here.