Our Production: Why Perú?

We are extremely enthusiastic about handmade knitwear. We know, from experience, that alpaca can be incredibly difficult to work with. Hand making it allows for more refined garments, tailored to the perfect fit while painting a sense of uniqueness. 


While handmade alpaca sweaters have existed for quite some time, we have scoured the country for the very best knitters to bring produce our products with the highest quality possible. Naturally, we want to deliver the very best product, and work backwards from there, so that is what we have set out to do.


We also want to mention the social benefits of our production. Oftentimes people associate production in developing countries with cost saving and a lack of quality. This couldn’t be further from the truth. We could have made our product elsewhere, much cheaper, but these other locales lack the necessary skills and expertise to work with alpaca. 


It is a notoriously difficult fiber to work with, and without the relevant experience, it can be downright impossible to craft handsome knitwear. We work with a collective of women who have gained numerous years of experience with this fiber and the knitting procedures required by it.


The collective we work with employs women, who for whatever reason, would not be working in a traditional industry. This means that our products help support the livelihood of people who may not otherwise have one. We are thrilled that not only do we produce world class knitwear, but we do our bit socially as well.  


Come and check out our knitwear, read about the sustainability, and learn more about us.