About Us

We make the finest alpaca garments in the world. 

Who are we?

We are veterans of the knitwear industry with years of experience sourcing the finest fiber, producing world class products, and delivering them to you, our customer.

Diverall came from an inability to find truly handmade, quality, alpaca garments. We know alpaca better than anyone, and we craft our garments to answer exactly what we wanted, the very best.

So we went to Perú with a mission; source the best fiber, find the best knitters, and make the best knitwear possible. From our bases in the United States, Perú and Spain we are proud to offer you our selection of handmade alpaca sweaters, scarves and accessories. 
We are firmly committed to the idea of sustainability and practice it all along our production process, from the raising of the alpaca, to the fiber, to the dyeing, and finally to the product itself. 

Why Perú?

Naturally, a lot of people ask why Perú? There are two primary reasons. First, alpaca has been raised there, for its luxurious fiber, for over five millennia. In Perú not only do they know how to raise alpaca, but they know how to do so in a responsible and sustainable manner. Second, their experience with producing clothes from the alpaca fiber is unparalleled. Once we sourced the very best knitters in the country, we knew there could be no finer garment produced anywhere in the world. 

Why Alpaca?

We have mentioned our commitment to sustainability already, if you want to read more, do not take our word for it, take theirs. What we want to extoll is the virtues of this fiber. 

Here are just a few reasons we believe alpaca is the best fiber in the world, even better than cashmere or wool:

  • The weight: it is extremely lightweight, this gives an alpaca sweater or cardigan a beautiful on person feel.
  • The warmth: alpaca is a warm fiber and is comparatively warmer than a similar piece of cashmere knitwear.
  • The feel: our hand sorted and hand selected alpaca fiber is every bit as comfortable as some of the finest fibers in the world, even more so.
  • The durability: with a fiber length double or triple that of cashmere, our products will last a lifetime, and we genuinely hope, will be enjoyed for a lifetime as well.