Care Instructions

At Diverall we understand alpaca better than anyone. Alpaca requires slightly different care compared to other natural fibers. It it stronger, warmer and lighter than cashmere and is an excellent choice of natural material.

It is resistant to pilling and will not alter its shape if proper care instructions are followed, thus making alpaca clothing an investment that could extend for years and years. Please follow the instructions provided here to ensure your alpaca garment remains a sure favorite for years to come. 


  1. Hand-wash in cold water avoiding any harsh detergents, we recommend a fine fibers formula. 
  2. Soak the garment for up to five minutes being careful to gently massage the product without being excessively harsh, do not scrub, wring or twist.
  3. Rinse in cold water until the garment is clean. 
  4. Place the product on a sweater rack, flat surface, or towel and do not hang to dry. Keep it away from direct heat, to avoid shrinkage, or sunlight, to avoid bleaching.
  5. After drying you can steam it lightly with an iron or steamer to remove any wrinkles.

If you do not wish to clean the products yourself we advise bringing them to a professional dry cleaner; ensure that you show them the care tags that came with the garment.