We care deeply about sustainability. We source our alpaca from farmers who have proven that they practice sustainable and careful herding. All of our alpaca live in the Peruvian Andes, a fertile and strong ecosystem where the alpaca are allowed to roam, free from constraint. This produces happy animals that, in turn, produce luxurious and lovely fiber.


Each alpaca raised provides enough material for up to four of our sweaters, this is a much greater number than an equivalent goat or sheep. Often, a single goat can only produce enough cashmere for one sweater. Goats have been crossbred to produce more fiber but at a cost, sacrificing quantity for quality. Our alpaca have never been crossbred, in fact, they have been largely the same since the fiber was used for Incan royalty, some five millennia ago.


Once an alpaca is shorn, the resulting fiber is hand sorted by our expert farmers to ensure that our sweaters end up being made of the longest, finest, and softest alpaca fiber. Similar to sheep, alpaca require frequent sheering to remain comfortable under the heat of the Peruvian sun. 


You can be confident when purchasing our knitwear that our emphasis on sustainable practices will continue into the future. Unlike other fibers, alpaca is not under an existential threat, and due to the stringent environmental and welfare regulations surrounding them, will not be anytime soon. We stand by our commitment to sustainability and hope you will stand with us too.